Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd (ZZBETTER) was founded in Zhuzhou City, which is the birthplace of tungsten carbide in China. ZZBETTER specializes in tungsten carbide products, Carbide Hardfacing Materials, and various Customized Carbide Tools. We have three companies. One is focused on producing hard-facing material, Another is focused on producing cemented carbide products. The other is focused on exporting hardfacing material and cemented carbide products.

※ What you can find from us?

Our main Products
1. Carbide Rods
2. Carbide Plates and Strips
3. Carbide Mining tools
4. Carbide Dies
5. PDC Cutters
6. Carbide Cutting Tools
7. Hardfacing material
8. PDC cutters

We are committed to providing our customers with good quality products, moderate prices, and professional service.

※ 20+ years of experience

Our factory has produced hard-facing material for more than 20 years. ZZBETTER has been serving hard-facing material, carbide buttons, and carbide rods for more than 10 years. We have professional staff members in the area of designing, producing, and marketing. All our staff is well trained and experienced.

※ Top-class service

ZZBETTER provides a quick response and attentive service. Response to your inquiry is carried out by our experienced and qualified team for 24-hour online service. Welcome to contact us, whether for technical advice or any other quotation.

Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Company Ltd gathered professional staff members in the area of design, production, and sales. Our workers are well trained and experienced. Our team is honest, and positive, keeping promises, and working hard and carefully. We sincerely hope we can provide our clients with good quality, moderate prices together with professional service. We are becoming a leading manufacturer and exporter in the tungsten and carbide industry.

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